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Thursday October 30
7:30 pm

Paul & Kay Garfinkel
Mark Mandeville & 
Raianne Richards

Paul Garfinkel is a contemporary acoustic folk singer/songwriter living in Jacksonville, Florida. Much of the inspiration for his writing rises from the people and places of his adopted home state. His lyrics often touch on environmental issues and the need to protect Florida's precious and increasingly scare natural resources. He is also more than willing to challenge what he views as political ineptitude and the realities of societal decay.
A talented guitarist in both flat-pick and finger-style playing, his inventive melodies and chord structures create an entertaining, listenable, and pleasing blend of musical styles and traditions. From rock to folk-rock to jazz-influenced to Americana to pure folk, his performances provide variety, and will please the most discerning audience both musically and lyrically.

For over a decade, Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards have resonated with the lover of Americana, old country, and harmony singing, commanding crafted melodies and poignant, introspective lyrics, backing them with delicate arrangements on ukulele, clarinet, guitar and banjo. They began in the basements, coffee shops and art spaces of New England, and have since tested the stages of more traditional folk music venues, colleges, living rooms and bar rooms from Boston to Austin, Denver to Nashville, Asheville to Portland, and back 'round again. Hundreds of concerts have been given and thousands of records have been sold, all on their own steam with longtime support from indie label Nobody's Favorite Records.


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March 12 (Mudville) 15 (Culhane's) 
Mudville Grille Complex
3105 Beach Blvd & 3104 Atlantic Blvd. 
(where Atlantic & Beach Blvds. merge)
                                          in Jacksonville, Florida
Reservations (904)352-7008 
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